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Originally Posted by goku7 View Post
same. picked up the car yesterday. crub rash still present in all its glory along with bumper scrapes. disappointed especially since the drop off guy told insurance will cover it no problem
I find this to be an interesting topic. While I understand BMW's new take on fixing (~not fixing) wear and tear type items from cars that participated in European Delivery - this totally makes sense to me.

However, I know for a fact that I didn't scrape the bumper ANYWHERE in my 797 mile ED adventure, or curb any wheels - but I also know that the person who inspected the car at the Log-in-Out did a very minimal check of the car and wrote down that there were no issues to note.

Let's assume a given car had zero rock chips and zero bumper scrapes from ED, but then, while getting on/off a truck, or on/off the boat, the bumper scrapes somewhere after leaving the owner's hands, and a rock chip (or several) show up from the long voyage from Europe to the US.

I would then think that these items would certainly need to be covered at the VDC at BMW's expense, but I'd imagine there's certainly risk that they are glossed over and assumed to have been wear and tear from the owner's trip?

I'm sure they are using an amount of judgment at the VDC as far as repairing anything that would likely be considered minor and possible to have been incurred by the owner as wear and tear, or by someone involved in the transportation process - but no way for them to really know, absent the drop-off location personnel doing a full, thorough inspection of the vehicle (which didn't happen in my experience).

That being said, my car was ahead of schedule as far as ED transportation from Europe to US, landing in Baltimore within 21 days of drop-off, yet I was informed after reaching out to the ED personnel that the car had a piece of exterior trim damaged in transport and they are awaiting the parts for it - i was told about this a week ago and there's still no further update on the car's whereabouts other than it doesn't seem to have been released from processing yet.

The wait is killing me...