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Originally Posted by mr_lab_rat View Post
I just did some reading on the new ICBC approach to traffic offences. My friend got busted yesterday (40+ over speed limit). Besides the already expensive ticket it looks like the new laws will also cause him to get a $386 Driver Risk Premium annually for the next three years. That all on the first offense with no other points on his license.

So it looks like there are four possible charges now:

1. the ticket
2. driver penalty point premium (at least $210 per year if you have more than 3 points)
3. driver risk premium (at least $384/year for up to 3 years)
4. insurance premium penalties (similar to the surcharges we had before for having more than 3 points but now it also affects collision and comprehensive)

PSA: take it easy out there and if you go faster then at least make you don't go over by more than 40kmh.
I got the same the other weekend.

You only get one of either the DPP or DVP whichever is higher. For example, If I am convicted on this latest ticket (hell yeah im fighting that shit) I'd have to pay something like 360 under DPP or 380 under DVP so I pay the higher amount.

All in if Im convicted this excessive speeding ticket will cost at least $2k, so I am going to get a laser jammer and detector as the next time I get popped it's a 30 day impound and the chances of me changing my behaviour is minimal.