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Originally Posted by Miko M View Post
Bmw as Merceds started the entry level cars to get new customers in, which eventually will spend more money on upper level model
Then entry-level cars are great and all, but what I was referring to is the overall blandness of the brand.

One can hardly discern a 3er over a 5er at a stop-light, they are both behemoths, and the grilles are hideous.

The M-cars used to invoke a certain feeling while behind the wheel that, even on track, they don't anymore. Sure, they're super fast and capable, but they over insulating and there is just a consistent feeling of disconnect.

Then there's M-badges in everything; by putting an M on every model, the value of a true Motorsport car is lowered. The constant LCIs and special models of M-cats only promote a potential buyer to "hold-off" for the updated car; be-it a Competition, CS, GTS, or LCI.

The options offered in the cars are very little individually. It's difficult to get certain options without adding a plethora of superfluous garbage in a package at the same time.

Finally, they're design team is garbage. The new 3er looks like a revamped Lexus from five years ago. It's crap. The cars overall have a vanilla appearance and feel to them. The entry level cars' have a lack of quality feel to the interiors as well. They've just strayed so far from "The Ultimate Driving Machine."