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Originally Posted by Endeav View Post
It's actually not too difficult to do, unfortunately it does require access to BMW equivalent tech software (ISTA). After you install your turbo you or your dealership can run the wastegate procedure. It just basically opens and closes the wastegate to see if its within OEM tolerances. The procedure itself takes maybe 2 minutes. It's adjusting the wastegate nuts which is a little bit of a tight space, but definitely not difficult by any means. If the wastegate isn't within OEM tolerances, the program tells you how far you're out and how much to adjust it by.

If I remember correctly one turn of the adjustment nut is 0.75mm and the program tells you how far you're out. Once you have the value you just do some simple division to see how many turns need to be done and in what direction to have the wastegate within spec.
I called up Pure yesterday and the gentleman explained to me how to take the wastegate off the old turbo without disturbing the stock adjustment. He strongly urged/warned me to not take the wastegate apart from the middle. He said to just un-bolt the 4 screws that hold it down to the turbo and then pop the actuator out. Then pop the actuator into the new turbo and bolt the whole mechanism back down on the new turbo. He told me “Please do not touch the adjustment screws under any circumstance. Just remove the thing as it is and bolt it on no adjustment needed.”!
Many people have called them because they un-screw the mechanism apart from the middle in two pieces and then have to go through this arduous procedure of readjusting it back to the original factory position as you explained.
So just FYI but thanks for responding.
Your car is certainly one of my favorites to follow. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
2k15 335i Msport xdrive 6spd
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