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Originally Posted by MR RIZK View Post
Maybe they need to pay off their new showroom at Rushcutters.
Not terrible at discount we didn’t even get that far!
I went in ready to buy an M2 and the salesman wasn’t interested. Wouldn’t commit to a time to test drive, said “maybe Tuesday but I’m really busy”. Lots of questions about where I lived what I did for work and what I currently drove. Not in a friendly conversational way more like an interrogation. I tried to contact him on the Tuesday but still waiting months later for him to get back to me! I went to Mosman and test drove one there and signed up that day. Also bought a new m140i for my parter. Also recommended them to a workmate who purchased a new 220i convertible. That would’ve been 3 new cars that BMW SYDNEY could’ve put towards paying for their new showroom 🤷*♂️