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Also I feel like ED is the best thing. Driving an M car on the Autobahn, Nurburgring, etc was amazing. The M car was designed to be driven on these roads. I have the opposite feeling, once I got my e90 M3 back from Europe in California I was a bit sad and happy at the same time. I could no longer drive at 140 mph just cruising down a pristine pothole free freeway, not have to worry about cops and with other awesome respectful drivers on the road that know how to drive fast. It was amazing. I felt like the M3 shines in Germany, kind of like letting a bird out of its cage. Back in the States I felt like my M3 was like a caged bird, wings clipped.

I pick up my M2c for redelivery in 2 weeks. I hope that feeling does not happen again when I pick her up that happened with my M3 years ago...
I felt the same way when I got back, even before the car joined me back in the States - crappy roads, speed limits, crappy drivers - I was in a funk for a while, hating US roads.
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