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Originally Posted by nomoracin View Post
No, who's that?
Her info is in your ED packet. You can email her

Also I feel like ED is the best thing. Driving an M car on the Autobahn, Nurburgring, etc was amazing. The M car was designed to be driven on these roads. I have the opposite feeling, once I got my e90 M3 back from Europe in California I was a bit sad and happy at the same time. I could no longer drive at 140 mph just cruising down a pristine pothole free freeway, not having people look at me as a complete maniac driving so fast, not having to stress and worry about cops, and enjoying the autobahn with other awesome respectful drivers on the road that know how to drive fast. It was truly an amazing experience! I felt like the M3 shines in Germany, kind of like letting a bird out of its cage. Back in the States I felt like my M3 was like a caged bird, wings clipped. It was actually little sad for me driving the M car home in Los Angeles, Ca from my ED redelivery. Very weird experience because I thought it would be all smiles. All I could think of when driving home that day was me driving in Germany on those awesome roads... Instead I was driving with a bunch of people texting and driving..

I pick up my M2c for redelivery in 2 weeks. I hope that feeling does not happen again when I pick her up that happened with my M3 years ago...

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