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ED was a mistake!

Looking back, I feel like doing ED was a mistake now.

My reasons...

1) takes sooo long
2) the tracking process is terrible (too many unknowns)
3) you "endanger" your car in Europe (such as road debris, potential dings from parking, expose your car to the elements, etc)
4) for the most part, you can't full throttle it (until you reach 1200 miles and get the service done) I didn't get the service done, so it was just a big tease!
5) takes sooo long!

I think a better route would've just been to take my own Euro trip and rent a BMW. That way...

1) I could've been one of the first people to receive their M2C in VA if I didn't do ED
2) I wouldn't "endanger" my own vehicle
3) I could've ragged out someone else's car (I feel a little jipped that I wasn't able to go 130+ mph)

I'm sure that I'm mostly feeling like this right now because I haven't collected my car here in the states yet. It's been at the VPC for 2 weeks now and it's just absolute torture...because they can't give me any updates other than, "it's delayed." So frustrating!

First world problems!