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All cuts are minimal, but they are cuts regardless. I was against any mods at the beginning. A month after buying the car it was already lowered. Now a year after it has its fair share of changes including the intercooler that cut up some potions and also the carbon lip which screws into the bumper to reinforce and ensure it's still there when you hit 140-150mph.

I am running stock tires. I do lose traction much more than when stock but nothing crazy. The car puts the power down. I can't help with your decision on the bigger turbo or tune since I don't have any of them.

I can tell you that I did pick the intercooler since these cars suffer of heat soak and being in FL as soon as those IAT go up, you will be robbed of power.

As is the car laid down 411whp and 443tq using the assortment of DINAN parts. That is more than enough for now for me. Next year that might change.

These are some pretty good numbers on tune and better air flow. Typically downpipe and cai plus tune is enough for most people. When you start doing a real big turbo, it’s a lot more involved than bolting on a tweaked stock turbo.

Ban m2, how much boost you running? Also with the FMIC. How much were you able to bring down the Temps
The 411whp and 443tq were done at 4 over stock which is the Dinan Sport Tuner on Race Mode.

Data logs I registered before and after showed stock running 10 degree higher IAT when ambient was 10 degrees lower.

Stock - 85 ambient reading 120 IAT
DINAN - 95 ambient reading 110 IAT

Did some logs this week on track but haven't emailed them and reviewed yet.
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