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Jan 25:
Originally Posted by tomwac View Post
A very sensible post, and I agree fully. I don't care what people say about manuals and like I mentioned, it will 99% be the DCT, I just want to experience what the hype is all about...unless Harris and the likes are right and it blows me away, with the info I have, I don't see myself getting the manual.
Feb 12:
Originally Posted by tomwac View Post
So, BMW Belgium went a long way to arrange a manual for me to test. The DCT car was with all the M Performance goodies + exhaust, while this was a standard equipped car. I went to the test center with no high expectations, but already when I got into the car it felt better: manual seats = lower seating position which suits me much better. Started the car: no droning like with the M Perf exhaust. I'll make the story short: while during the DCT test drive I returned the car after 45min, leaving with the impression that it's a fun little car, but a bit clinical, this time I came back after 1.5h, because I really had to, not because I wanted to. Completely different car, so much more fun. Imo, the M2 is made to be sold with a manual, and this is coming from someone who loves the DCT transmission. But, while in my M4 cab the DCT feels like the 2 are made for each other, the opposite is true for the M2. Rev matching didn't bother me as it's very subtle in comfort mode. In sports mode, the sounds, popping, crackles get very present, the whole car comes alive. Yes, the throw is long and rubbery, sure the clutch pedal has a long travel, but these minuses did not spoil the experience. I just loved every second of the drive and now really understand why the more serious car journo's rave about it. For me, the decision is made and I would strongly suggest to anyone considering this car, to test drive both.
Ha, now that's a flip-flop.

See also this dedicated thread: ("M2 transmission: do you prefer manual or double-clutch ?")

Speaking for myself: 6MT was a deliberate choice from day 1 of the M2 ordering process back in October 2015 (and even long before). I had tons of fun with my 1M, so knew that BMW M wouldn't screw up with the M2 6MT. I tried to explain why in an earlier post (see here).

It's very subjective. We cannot make decisions for each other. Decide what you personally like most, likely with the pragmatic restriction how you'll mainly gonna use your car (for example, if you - or your significant other - encounter a lot of commuting traffic with painstakingly long queues, M-DCT may be the more appropriate option).

Anyways, whatever floats your boat, can't go wrong with either gearbox option.

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