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So if one was looking to test drive both a 6MT BMW and a DCT BMW, what cars should one be looking to drive to find a version of those transmissions that is as similar as possible to what's in the M2?

Obviously DCT is only really found in M-cars, right?
Is the 6MT in any old 2/3/4er the same as what you get in an M2 (maybe minus the rev-matching)?

I'm looking at trying to put in an order for a car, but I'm up in the air about waiting for an LCI (I really like tech and going to LED headlights & taillights would be enough to make me wait), and I'm up in the air on the transmission choice. My current car is a 6MT, but I think it's a pretty bad 6MT, and it has a similar "problem" to the M2 (6th gear is too short, it turns ~3000 RPM at 70-75 MPH and causes drone), and just like the M2, you lose a fair amount of boost between shifts.

My previous car was a dual-clutch, but it was VW dual-clutch which behaves somewhat differently from the M-DCT. (VW dual-clutch is a wet-clutch box and auto-creeps when you lift off the brake, fairly different from what I've read about M-DCT.)

Since my current 6MT is rather pants, it's making the decision very difficult. Part of me is screaming that I should go DCT for the extra gear and the stay-in-boost shifts (I will definitely have it at a few track days and possibly autocross), another part of me wants to stick with 6MT because I do enjoy the "engagement" of rowing gears, but only if the transmission is decent. I'm getting tired of the somewhat crap 6MT in this Audi.