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New Vehicle, road trip.

I posted a thread in the OT about this, but i figured you guys may appreciate the pics as well.

I picked up a new Range Rover Sport supercharged and promptly plotted a road trip to the high alpine loop in Southwestern Colorado.

My father spent 2 weeks every summer in Colorado with his parents as kid. So he and i went out there and visited some of his old stomping grounds. Of course i took some pictures along the way.

We went from FL to Longview TX, to Santa Fe NM, to Durango CO, to Silverton CO, to Telluride CO, to Gunnison CO, to Pueblo CO, to Little Rock, and back to FL. About 4400 miles in total over the course of 8 days. It was a pretty awesome trip. We even traveled some of old RT66 in NM.

It's hard for me to imagine a better road trip vehicle. Quite, comfortable, able to hit 135mph effortlessly while feeling solid and can then traverse Rocky Mountain trials rated for high clearance 4x4 vehicles only. I'm really liking it so far.

Most images were taken with 5DII and 24-70L. Others were taken with rebel T3i and kit lens and of course a phone pic or two.

Pick up day.

Heading up one of the passes.

Top of the pass, 13,600'

Road down the back side of the mountain.

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