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Originally Posted by tropicatango View Post
Bump, I'm looking for feedback on running 245 front and 275 rear

245/35/19 and 275/35/19 rear

I have a m2c with the oem big brakes and finding a good street /track tire is not easy

A race shop recommended the hankook rs4 for how long they last, good grip, ok in the street and wet

The rs4 are only available in 245/275 in 19

Any review on how the car react to these size, i mean understeer cant be that bad since some people run 255/285 and 265/295, all of these have 30 mm difference

The Hankook RS4's are a decent all around tire. I liked the old RS3's much more than the 4's. W/O more Neg camber the tire choice is not going to make much difference in wear. Any tire on the track driven hard will wear very quickly on the outside shoulders w/o added Neg camber. So other than cost

I don't have enough info from you to really give you a spot on answer.

How many track days pr yr? Expectations on ride, tire life, performance, etc???

Increasing the front tire size will help some with understeer, but only a little. As I stated before the way to properly dial out understeer is the use of camber plates.

I've been setting up cars for Track and Auto X for 30+ yrs now. BMW's love and need Neg camber up front. If your worried about inside tire wear on the street have the plates setup and marked for street and track camber settings.

Its easy to change between the two. Most plates have 3-4 nuts that have to be loosened after you get that tire off the ground. Grab the tire and push in until the plate slides to the track setting. Retighten the nuts and that's it. At the end of the day put the plates back to the street settings.

Or, like many on the boards do they compromise with a single setup at around 2.4-2.7 Neg. Whatever you do make sure your Toe is zero on the street setting. Why? Because any toe added to a more aggressive Neg camber setting will eat the insides of your tires very, very fast.

Whatever you do make sure to post to the boards so others can see your thoughts.

Best of luck
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