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Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
That's driver, not car. GT350 Ring lap time is 7:32. M2C does is in 7:52 for comparison. 20s in no joke with a professional behind the wheel.

I've been to the ring for the first time this year in my M2 and I'm sitting at 8:38. Also because of need for more driver mod, not because lack of capability from the car. My goal for next year and perhaps the year after is 7:55. I was being quite cautious my first time out. That place is the most amazing circuit I've been on. Ever. Also it's scary as fcuk if I'm honest. Next year I'll be on full time attack though. I have a life goal to achieve.

Does the Voodoo eat oil? Sure! But a few quarts of oil are still cheaper than a spun crank hub

And you're right. You wouldn't be caught it a Mustang. But a Mustang will catch you in the M2C. Just look at the 'Ring lap times above.

LMAO. You act like the spun crank hub with the S55 is as likely as burning oil in a GT350.

Super weak argument, and the rest is moot, unless you are out for your personal best track times on the ring.
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