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Sorry bud. Not buying that lol
95% of scratches will not disappear. Take a wire brush to vinyl like you can PPF and the vinyl will be trash. The PPF will truly heal and the vinyl will not.

I could just hear that conversation play out on the phone "sorry mister customer you just need to take a blow torch to your vinyl and it'll be all good" hahahahaha ROFL!

I'm not here to have a pissing match with you bud. I was simply trying to help educate the OP with his options. At the end of the day it's his money and his choice.
Yes, because customers frequently take wire brushes to cars, and that happens on a daily basis driving. It's a cool demo, but really how practical is that test? I'm not here to argue, simply trying to inform from experience. You can keep taking what I say out of context, doesn't matter to me. I personally wouldn't take any company seriously that owns a "rap" company, and uses terms like bud and ROFL; I expect some level of professionalism from people I am giving my money to. You clearly aren't understanding my point, you're trying to sell a product and a service. I've said all I need to say.
Talk is cheap behind a keyboard bud!
You aren't the one that is a 7 time international PPF champion installer. I'm
Pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. If you or anyone else feels like looking me up my name is Tyler O'Hara! My company is my name on here.

Professionalism has nothing to do with this. You are a liar and don't know what you're talking about. If you have a problem and want to man up feel free to call me and I will handle you.
All of your posts sound like a commercial not educational as you pretend them to be.

For grins and giggles I had my mirrors wrapped. Looks great from a distance; up close it looks like wrap. You can put as much lipstick as you want on it it's still wrap. Before you go there the mirrors where wrapped by a professional using a quality product.

You're passionate profession is going to hell b/c of dubious professional like yourself who are more interested in selling than being 100% transparent.

Sorry, only calling it like I see it.