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Originally Posted by jashton View Post
I own both but couldn’t bring myself to trade in my GT350 for my M2C. They are two very different cars and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest issue with the GT350 is related to oil consumption IMO. My engine went with 8,400 miles and was replaced with the revised 2019 Voodoo. Mine spun a rod bearing on the street and was never over revved. I wouldn’t touch a pre-2019 GT350 and even then, I would not buy a new one since the 2019 version hasn’t been totally proven. Warranty or not, it’s a big problem.
Good point about the 2019 re-design. I have some friends who work at Ford, and I also hear some of the Predator motor parts may find their way into the Voodoo. I'm planning on buying a '21 or '22 model year. Good idea to give it some time.

Originally Posted by Thescout13 View Post
Shocking to me that someone would buy a car knowing that there is a high chance of oil consumption and engine failure because "well Ford will pay for it" if that happens. Any semblance of objectivity is out the door with that statement.
What do you mean high? The % of motor failures on GT350s is still in single digits. It's still higher than it should be, no doubt but you can't call that high.

Is that more than S55 or N55 failures? Yes, likely. But you see motor failures on this forum more often than not as well. At least 3 in recent months.

So are you saying anyone craving the thrill of a Shelby is automatically an idiot? The ~4000 or so people per year who buy these cars are all nuts? Shit happens and as long as the manufacturer steps up to fix it than why not be willing to give it a try.
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