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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
I don't disagree that everyone should have access to healthcare, I think that western democracies can at least provide that as a basic human need. I won't speak for the other countries on your list but there are lots of other reports that shows that our cost in Canada for healthcare is just about the worst on the planet regarding dollars spent vs wait times, availability and quality of care. Our healthcare system is bloated with non-healthcare workers (bureaucrats) making up more than the actual deliverers of medicine.
Could not agree more on the bolded. It has gotten out of hand. The amount of paperwork that my wife does is far greater than the actual time spent operating / patient procedures. It's insane and unsustainable. And the hospital keeps coming up with more forms and policies.

Its a big part of why she's decided to cut back her practice to only 50% starting in 2020, she can't keep up with the paperwork and still be a mom.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.