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Originally Posted by AmericanWrapCo View Post
Ceramic coating helps but is not the end all be all. It will definitely help with uv fade and give you a slightly longer window of opportunity to get bird shit off.

Which vinyl are you using that's inherently self healing? 3m and Avery Dennison that I use will melt out faint towel mating when the film is fresh. But I would not call the film self healing because it is not engineered with an actual healing top coat like modern PPF.
PPF on top of vinyl is 110% overkill. You're better off wrapping every panel 2 layers thick, and the client will still save money. We did a brand new 2018 911 Turbo S Cabriolet this way, as well as a Nismo GTR. Much cheaper for the client, much easier install, same piece of mind.

Pick a brand, scratch the surface with a dirty cloth, and let it sit out in the sun for a couple of hours, or simply glaze over with a blowtorch. The scratches will definitely go away. I'm not talking about someone keying your car or taking sand paper to it, but normal scratches will 95% disappear when heat is applied. Add a ceramic coating on top, and the scratches wont even make it to the top layer of the vinyl anyways.

As previously stated OP, wrap the roof, ceramic coat it, and enjoy it. No need to triple or quadruple the cost of the roof wrap with PPF on top of the vinyl. A properly applied ceramic coating on top of vinyl will change the color profile of the vinyl as well, make it "deeper" if you want to use that term. I have a picture somewhere of a panel that we wrapped and taped down the center of, and then applied ceramic to one half, and the color difference between the 2 sides was mind blowing. I'll see if I can dig it up.