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Thanks for all of the responses - this is exactly the conversation I was hoping to start...

Originally Posted by PrimeBMW View Post
Personally I wouldn't bother with either you are considering. Skip both and go with MCS singles. They can be pared with spring rates that are comfortable on the street and very effective on the track.
MCS... oh MCS. Yes these shocks are pure sexiness. I spoke with them a few months ago about running the electronic setup (at 10k but oh so cool) but never really considered the single adjustable. Would probably be around 5k all in (shocks, springs, camber plates and install) but maybe worth trying it out.

I wish I understood more about shock technology... would only rebound adjustment be enough to have a setting for street and one for track?

Originally Posted by bentom2 View Post
Both the Ohlins and Koni dampers have a decent reputation for longevity. Can the MCS stand up to multiple years on a daily in all weather conditions, or do you trade off more frequent service for more sensitive dampers?
I asked about the rebuild interval and I cant remember what they said, but it was definitely not bad. And at that point you could upgrade to 2W if you wanted to.

Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Certainly can’t go wrong with MCS but I think you might be pleasantly surprised with the ohlins on this car. It’s actually a very capable package on this platform. Maybe not on other platforms - that I don’t know - but definitely happy with them on my F87.
All I have heard is great things.

Originally Posted by bentom2 View Post
...I’m sure any of these options will be a nice improvement.
Thats for sure, but it is a tough decision. Right now MCS with camber plates look to be 5k range, Ohlins 3200 + camber plates, and TCK is 2900 WITH the Camber plates. For a car that is only doing to see a DE here and there for fun not sure if there's a huge handling / cost advantage in going MCS... but they sure are trick.
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