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Originally Posted by OG Shark View Post
Good deal, enjoyed the DE last year but the traffic got a bit frustrating at times. Was a lot of fun with some of the race teams mixed into the groups though. I'll be in an m240iR for the weekend - should be a lot of fun seeing how it compares to our M2's.

Having your preferred shop being that familiar with Ohlins is definitely a plus. But would also think MCS would get you sorted out pretty quickly as well - with a bit of extra time in the mix for shipping. Hopefully the service frequency doesn't end up being that much either way you go so it doesn't end up being an issue.

Do you have wheels & tires figured out yet? With the larger spring perches vs oem you might need to consider this as well. I know with the Ohlins it is very, very tight - but I can run a 9.5" front with 285 Pirelli DH or 275 Hoosier R7 on the track. I back down to a 265 MP4S on the street. Run all these on 18" wheels. Not sure about the size of the MCS - maybe PrimeBMW can give you some feedback here. I want to say that Ohlins is on the larger size so MCS should have better clearance, but I'm definitely not 100%. Just something else to consider if you haven't already - a lot going on with our M2's.
Good point about wheel clearance. I do recall now reading something about decreased tire/wheel clearance with the Ohlins.

Iím running APEX FL-5 in 18x9.5 et28 fitted with Hankook RS4 265/35r18. Iíll want to be able to run 275s as well and prefer not to use spacers, though they arenít completely out of the question.

What offset are your 9.5s? Sounds like youíre shuffling plenty of tire in there despite the tight fit.