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Personally I wouldn't bother with either you are considering. Skip both and go with MCS singles. They can be pared with spring rates that are comfortable on the street and very effective on the track.
I’m in the same boat as the OP, trying to decide between Ohlins and TCK. I’m curious what benefits you’re getting for a ~50% increase in cost.

Both the Ohlins and Koni dampers have a decent reputation for longevity. Can the MCS stand up to multiple years on a daily in all weather conditions, or do you trade off more frequent service for more sensitive dampers?
How much are the options you are considering? Most MCS singles are $2450 plus camber plates, springs and then install. That is some top notch performance for the price. I don't know how many street miles you put on but might need to rebuild in a couple years??? (Rebuilds are reasonably priced) MCS has the best customer service in the industry. So you can't go wrong. Plus you'll never risk wishing or needing better performance. Unless you upgrade to double or triples (which is overkill for HPDE)
I guess I would ask this. Are you competitive, interested in improving and going as quick as you possibly can? Buy MCS. If not then I guess it doesn't matter what you buy.

*I often see or hear of someone buying Ohlin R&T or KW Club Sports thinking they are top notch. Then a couple years later understanding that they are not that great. They then go with MCS or JRZ. Now that is a expensive route.
Hopefully this is helpful.