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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
As far as your analysis goes, why do the Cowboys keep winning the NFC East every other year If Garrett is such a bad coach?
If you remember back when Jimmy Johnson was their head coach, things were done his way, not Jerryís way. Thus they won two SBís. Switzer took over with the same players Jimmy had and easily won another SB (3 total). Since then, Jerry Jones has run the franchise to the ground. Garrett has and will always have his hands tied behind his back with virtually no control. Cowboy fans should demand more, not just settle for NFC East division championships. Since Switzer led the Cowboys to a SB victory back in 1996, Dallas has had what, three (3) playoff victories? Heck, even the lousy Jets have had more.

Iím a Giants fan but also a realistic one. As long as the OL is trash, any QB they have (Eli or another QB) will suck. Remember the Giants did somehow manage to score the most points in the NFC East this past season but they were 5-11.
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So there is actually more of a chance to get more hp out of a 330 then a 335 in my opinion
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Seems like ur out of touch with baseball a bit. A few years behind.
You didnít know who Hader was. And Kershaw is a mess in the playoffs. No thanks