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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
Iíll just concentrate on the NFC Least:

Jason Garrett is JJís puppet so expect him to be the Cowboys HC for the next 47 years which brings joy to me. As long as JJ keeps calling 100% of the shots the Cowboys wonít win a SB.

I wonder (probably true) if Wentz was routing against Foles. Would have been great if the Eagles won the SB again this year to bring drama in the off-season (Wentz or Foles moving forward).

Redskins, like the Giants, are looking for a QB. OBJ is not a top tier WR. His one handed catch against Dallas back in 2014 (Giants lost that game) is long in the tooth. Why not play 16 games consistently, stop dropping catches, STFU and play.
Spot on analysis. Wentz will be fine if he stays healthy. I don't believe he is injury prone ... but time will tell. The eagles have a very good HC and front office. I suspect they will reload in the offseason and make another run.
But, it may be better if everyone thinks they won't go anywhere.