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Canadian Car CN railway tracking info

Hi All,

I have been helping handful of ppl who were asking me about their vehicle tracking at CN railway (from Halifax to owner's destination) by exchanging messages and phone texts.

As number of ppl asking for my help is increasing, I am starting to get confused to match different VINs and forumers. So I guess it would be easier for me to do things on this post.

Anyone wants to have their vehicle tracked, please PM me your VIN#.
I will post my update of tracking info daily on this post so that anyone can come and check.
Please note that any vehicle brand that uses CN service can be tracked (I have had some experience tracking vehicle makes such as MB and Range Rovers)

For general information (usual transit time and deviation), I will further edit my original post later.

If your VIN shows "Not Found - Please verify entry" at the status, this means that it has not been loaded on CN railcar. Tracking is only possible once it is loaded at Darthmouth, NS.

Edit: General Transit Time.
2-3 days calendar days: Once arrived at Halifax vehicle released to port vehicle storage.
5-10 business days: Vehicle gets prepared and all port installed options will be installed at vehicle center. Transit time varies depending on the options.
Once on rail;
2 calendar days: cities in QC
3 calendar days: cities in ON
4~5 calendar days: cities in MB and SK
5~6 calendar days: cities in AB
6~7 calendar days: cities in BC

Transit time can vary depending on circumstances. All trains have different # of stops so they affect arrival time as well.
Train does move on weekends and holidays.

Once vehicle arrives destination railway Terminal take about 2-3 days to get arranged with Hansen's forwarding truck.
Hansen's forwarding does not operate their truck on weekends and holidays. For their vehicle delivery arrangement and tracking please visit;



Please note that all BMW vehicles including US South Carolina production X series do arrive at Halifax. Some destination close to Halifax do not take CN railcar as transportation method. They sometime use Hansen's (or other carriers) to arrange direct truck transportation from the port. (This inlcudes cities at NS, NB, PEI)

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