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Originally Posted by FogCityM3
Not near a perfect lap? You've got to be kidding me, its very very close and was his fastest time, it's not just a one shot, as one knows, most magazines test a few laps, with the exception of the N-ring, where it is only 3 laps. All of Christian Gebhardt laps on Hockenheim (he is an expert on that track) look exactly like that one in several BMWs, including the ones he has tested for the Sport Auto Tuner-GP he takes the same line and is pushing it to the limit and things do get squirmy when you are pushing the limit on a street car. Anyone criticizing this guy's driving competence/seating position has no idea what they're talking about. The time speaks for itself.

Anyway, fantastic performance from the M2, as suspected the smaller dimensions of the car are allowing the engine to not overpower the chassis. The former "Stig", Ben Collins in his Goodwood test stated that right away, the M2 felt very much like the E92 M3, specifically praising how the car "bonds well to the road" and has "perfect poise and balance". With 400 bhp and a smaller more nimble package, BMW is back in the game at least on this car.
Ok easy their killer ... Edited to " not a perfect lap " To be honest , the previous lap by this driver was actually very sloppy.

First off...

BMW got " back in the game " with the 1M and the M2 is a slightly reworked version of the same exact formula.

As far as the lap, in no way did I question the drivers talent or accomplishments.

I'm glad to see that you think that this was his best time. I suppose you would have been happy with the previous 1:12:5 that he posted

You can see that lap had several errors in it.

However, as a person who drives on track and also competes, I can recognize the newest 1:12.2 wasn't a perfect lap ( there were elements in the 1:12.5 lap that made it faster he just had some much larger errors ) and i know the driver would admit it. Was it a great lap? Yes , but again, that car has 1:11s in it and i know for damn sure that driver would say so.