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Originally Posted by TMR013 View Post
But honestly, Sport+ in auto just allows me to go faster through the turns, which is the point isn't it?
Is it though?

(sorry, incoming pet peeve rant that's only really tangentially related to your post.)

The fastest way for my car to tackle a twisty road would be for me to exit the vehicle, and let someone who is a better driver drive my car on that road at speeds I could never match. Hell, if they were good enough, i wouldn't even have to get out of the car, maybe I could just sit in the back seat for weight distribution.

Speed on its own isn't inherently fun. That's why some of the most boring moments of my life have come when my body was physically traveling at around 600 mph.

THAT SAID, the DCT is still a perfectly reasonable and dare I say, BETTER choice for many people out there. Plenty of people legitimately enjoy the car better that way and that's 100 percent fine. For many people, a manual is a distraction and not a source of joy (yeah i just got marie kondo up in here.) That's cool, different strokes for different folks.

But 60K is a lot of money, people should be buying what makes them happy, not what has better numbers on a piece of paper. Because the whole point isn't speed, the whole point is smiles.