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Originally Posted by Hithere View Post

Thanks for letting me join this forum.

I am close to purchasing a MY2020 M2 Competition in Hockenheim Silver. Perforated Dakota leather (red stitching) with heated seats, black 788M (S029U) wheels, carbon fibre interior trim. No sunroof (my head touches the roof lining with sunroof). No privacy glasses (too hard to tint the front windows to match). AppleCarPlay for an unlimited period (I just found out on this forum that BMW made it free).

M2 is pretty rare (unlike Ford Mustangs) in Australia. I have been able to sit in one, but I have not driven one. My reason for posting here seeking your thoughts.

Historically, I have had a manual transmission in all but one of my cars. So why not just buy another manual? I've heard that 6th gear in 6MT is lower than the 7th in DCT. Something like 2,600rpm @ 100kph (6MT) vs 2,100rpm (DCT). I guess that might mean that the cabin will be noisier on the freeway and consume a bit more fuel? Is that right? Noisier and thirstier at highway speed?

I also like to blip the throttle on downshifting in manual transmission myself, but M2 does it for me, and I can only disable that feature if I switch off the traction control? Is it 'partial' or 'fully' disengaged traction control? I don't think I will ever want to switch it off completely. That S55 (even in detuned form from M3 / M4) seems like its got a lot of power.

Maybe some folks with F87 DCT M2 might answer these questions for me. Does it downshift/upshift when you command it, OR sometimes it shifts down/up when it feels like it?

I am aware that DCT outperforms 6MT to 100kph by 0.2 seconds. That is not very important to me. However, does the DCT behave itself at lower speeds (e.g. around town)? Or say when performing a 3-point u-turn? Goes it go into gear faster than traditional automatic (going from 1st to reverse)? When you start moving forward slowly from stationary, is it smooth?

Lastly, is DCT reliable if serviced regularly? I wouldn't want a huge bill a month after the warranty runs out OR hugely costly to service after the first 5 years (included servicing).

One good thing about buying M2C in Australia is that DCT and 6MT are identically priced. 6MT is a No Cost Option (NCO) to delete.

I should share my driving style. I'm an ordinary guy next door no track racing or drag racing. I only drive about 6,000kms - 7,000kms per year. I have a bit of fun on a country road when no one is around, but that is about it.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any suggestions.
6MT and you will thank me for it while doing your heel and toe and double clutching on the Old Pacific highway or on the Great Ocean road