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Originally Posted by OverDrive View Post
Ah man, can't wait till its done. Nice job Sniz!

more from today


worked this morning and met a very good new client....
he alone could possibly pay for this entire car and all upgrades twice over......sweeeeeeeet

so i'm getting closer, put all turbo piping back on, hooked up the MAF, etc. Also rewired my HID's for the headlights and hid the ballasts so they are no longer in the engine bay...cleaner.

I did run into a problem with lining up the charge piping with the new turbo, looks like I'll have to have this pipe altered a bit to make it line up, oh well.

then spent almost 2 hours cleaning all the wheels and re wheel waxing them then remounted. Also refilled the cooling system but will have to wait to bleed it, which sucks.

as she sits now, ready for the front bumper and other trim pieces to go back on, then on Tuesday its off to the shop for some welding and custom work and then ITS GAME TIME BABY!!

funny, Adam did a little burnout in his 335, had to get a pic of this. He needs to lay down some rubber in here w/ his M5 too

more to come tomorrow!! Hoping to have it all buttoned up by then. Need to wash the engine bay out, there are metal shavings everywhere from grinding down the tranny.