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9/4 update

Spent some more time over the past 3 days and got the turbo retapped, installed which required a few trips to Sears for shorty box ends to reach all the bolts/nuts, installed the hoses and clamps, removed all piping and degreased everything, tore apart the cooling system and installed a new Stewart water pump, low temp tstat, and tried to install a new fan switch but it seems to be the wrong one??

anyway, here are the updates, getting closer!!!

drill press



my these things are GREAT, very adjustable and are designed for handing drywall

the nuts holding the turbo onto the TT mani are a bitch to get at w/ the 35r, much worse than the regular 60-1. Anyway its up, tight and all hoses on. I put clamps on the hoses after this shot.

I reclocked the compressor housing to gain as much ground clearance as possible....looks good!

Ripped out all turbo hardware and piping and degreased and rinsed

intercooler was cleaned and rinsed out, remounted

Took out the water pump, not sure which one the old one is but it didnt look very good compared to the new Stewart one

and here is the new fan switch, wrong one...hmm. new on left, old on right