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Originally Posted by sdhotwn View Post
S2000 is a good track car for sure and I enjoyed the year I autocrossed one, light compared to modern cars - 400 lbs lighter than the GT4 as well. I've not thought of the Evo as a track car - but that's a personal bias. However, they are a lot of fun and are about the same weight as the M2. The M2 is a short wheel base, rear drive high horsepower car. It'll be a handful at times depending on traction settings. I'm generally impressed in most reviews and videos at how it responds to correction. Any car at the limit will require a fair bit of inputs. I am a little concerned by Matt Farah's review of the M2 as there wasn't much happy going on in that one, but it sure seemed to be an outlier to others. There is an entire set of threads on here discussing how the M2 is under-tired on the rear, likely by design. The low rear traction ups the street "fun" factor. Tracking it and wanting to reduce throttle induced oversteer means bumping up to a 285 rear tire to balance the car from what I've interpreted.

Side note... the 718 GT4 weights 3,199 lbs to an M2 comp 3,417. An M2 CS with CCB's and the most optimistic of various rumors could put at around ~3,350lbs. That's not THAT big of a weight difference. CG is fairly different though which isn't insignificant.
Regarding your side note, the M2 CS has about 30 horsepower and 100 ft of torque more than 718 GT4.