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Originally Posted by sdhotwn View Post
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So we're in agreement then; it's there for appearances.

Anyways, don't get me started on how asinine it is for BMW considering a 3,500lbs car with back seats a track car.. But that's a whole other discussion.

Weight/seats is rather an arbitrary measure to determine if something is a track car/weapon or not. So the 4100 lbs and back seats of a Camaro ZL1 means it is not track capable then? Miata must be the answer then as it always is to all questions . Less seats and weight!
I was thinking more S2000, Evolution 10, or if I manage to rob a bank; Cayman GT3/4.

Wasn't trying to take anything away from the M2 or CS but I've seen enough YouTube videos and noticed how much over-correcting needs to be done to keep it strait, on a track.

It doesn't seem like a good candidate for such activities. Of course that's just my opinion.