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I think the important thing to remember is that these are just estimates shops give. Shops aren't intimately familiar with every single car to give precise quotes. The same part on one car can take 3x as long on another car. Think of changing spark plugs on an i4 compared to that of a boxer engine or transverse mounted v6 or rear engine lambo. You can go over everything with the manager and techs, show them in detail what's involved, but they will probably over-estimate still anyway. Just to air on the side of caution.

It's generally a better outcome when a customer thinks a job is gonna take 10hrs and cause $1600 then when everything is done find out it only took 5hrs and cost $800. I mean, would you ever like to hear a job cost more than the estimate in the end? I wouldn't, because I set aside money to make sure I can pay for the job and if it cost more, I'd have to come up with money that wasn't planned for.

Shops I've been to charge an hourly rate. They give large estimates and at the end, they tally up the hours they logged and charge accordingly.

What's important to me is being able to go over what's involved with the mechanic, being able to check in on progress while my car is there, discuss my ideas/thoughts/concerns, etc. Actually build a relationship and trust over time. I've been to a lot of places techs and mechanics are real shady. Won't answer you questions, get upset when you stop in to check progress, etc. I've been to places where I'm like "I really don't think you're doing this right. Here is why" or "can you explain why you're doing it this way" Then they get pissed off because they take it as an insult to their "expertise" When really, if they were experts, they would be able to explain why they're right and I'm wrong or why the way they're doing it is the best way. It's all about communication and trust for me.

But yea, I wouldn't shy away from a shop because an estimate they gave is high. If you feel they know what they're doing and you can trust them, then give them your work.
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