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Originally Posted by cecaa850 View Post
Nope. I just picked a couple bigger washers out of my washer collection and stuck them on there. All you need to do is take them to the hardware store and match some up.
well the m2 is my only car so the csf intercooler installed at the time.

i found another guys post for 3/8" washers. I got the 3/8" x 1.25inch washers since the csf screws are bigger then the oem screws.

I stacked the csf washers with the 3/8" washers from home depot. It provided a good amount of surface to support the csf intercooler tabs.

My boost pipe fell off when the intercooler tabs went past the csf provided washers...i already thought they were undersized when i installed them but i thought i could get away with it but obviously not.