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Originally Posted by widetyres View Post

I've been running Bootmod3 for some months now, first in Stage 1 (91 & 93) and now Stage 2 (93). On all the tunes, there is a slight vibration or coarsness to the engine. Slightly difficult to explain, but it can definitely be felt through the pedals. This happens all the time, even on low load/rpm (e.g. when crusing) and doesn't seem to affect the performance of the car.

I have done logs and there is no knocking that could be causing this.

Whilst on Stage 1, I thought it might be the spark plugs (as they were coming up for replacement). I had those with those replaced and the car was running without this slight vibration driving home from the dealer, but as soon as I re-tuned the car it came back. Last night I dropped back to Stock (from Stage 2) and again, the slight vibration disappeared immediately.

I have seen another post on the F30 forum talking about this, but not seen anything here.

Is this normal? Safe for the engine longer term?

My car vibrates more when in Sport+ when at idle. I assume it has something to do with more aggressive cooling profile? Anyway maybe on BM3 you have selected their new extra cooling option or something?