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Bootmod3 - Slight vibration/coarse feeling - Normal?


I've been running Bootmod3 for some months now, first in Stage 1 (91 & 93) and now Stage 2 (93). On all the tunes, there is a slight vibration or coarsness to the engine. Slightly difficult to explain, but it can definitely be felt through the pedals. This happens all the time, even on low load/rpm (e.g. when crusing) and doesn't seem to affect the performance of the car.

I have done logs and there is no knocking that could be causing this.

Whilst on Stage 1, I thought it might be the spark plugs (as they were coming up for replacement). I had those with those replaced and the car was running without this slight vibration driving home from the dealer, but as soon as I re-tuned the car it came back. Last night I dropped back to Stock (from Stage 2) and again, the slight vibration disappeared immediately.

I have seen another post on the F30 forum talking about this, but not seen anything here.

Is this normal? Safe for the engine longer term?