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Originally Posted by MR_M2 View Post
I have about 13k miles on my OG and the Michelin PSS that the car came with has about 6/32 tread left. The car is now way more fun than it used to be when the tires were new. It has just enough grip to stop you from wrapping the tree and low enough where every turn feels like an occasion - it is just magical; I wish the traction control was tuned like this.
Here is my dilemma: I was unlucky enough to get a nail near the sidewall and it seems one of the tires cannot be saved. I was thinking to upgrade to PS4S 255/35F and 285/35R. I feel this might make the car super sticky, which would be amazing in the canyons and an occasional track day, whilst killing the daily "fun".
Should I go with star rated tires instead assuming that bmw engineers tuned the car with a very specific tire and changing that recipe may leave a bad taste?
Is anyone on the same boat?
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Sound like you need cheaper/worse grip tires in the OEM sizes. More tire will make the cars limits be further away so I dont think you want to go any bigger. 255/285 should make the car more neutral and less tail happy as you have added proportionally more rubber to the rear.
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