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Originally Posted by F87_LCI View Post
I woke up this morning to a call from my local BMW dealer to find out that I have been awarded an allocation for the upcoming M2 CS after having placed a deposit and put my name on one of the (in)famous "lists" that dealers have for these low allocation vehicles more than a year ago. Great news, right? Except that since I have been waiting for over a year for this phone call, I got bored. Don't you hate that? So one day, I stopped into my local P Dealer and got to chatting. Was told that although unlikely, I could put my name on their "list" for a new 718 GT4 allocation. Two months ago, I got the call to come in and fill in my order sheet. So now I find myself in the unlikely position (or so I was led to believe by both dealers) of having an allocation for BOTH cars. It is not lost on me that the cars are quite a ways apart on price with the Porsche costing almost 50% more than the BMW, but I would look at value for $ rather than the actual cost as a deciding factor.

What to do? Interested in hearing some thoughts for you guys/gals. I would prefer to read opinions that have a strong base of facts to support as I am a logical thinker and try to keep the emotional quotient to a minimum, but there is a place for passion when it comes to cars, so this can be helpful as well.

I have added a poll as well for those who just want to give quick feedback.

Some add'l info:

6MT CS would cost about CAD $99K as spec'd.
6MT GT4 would cost CAD $140K as spec'd (those folks at Porsche really like to nickel and dime a guy!).
I currently own a heavily modified 6MT 2018 M2 (N55) and have been able to drive a DCT M2C (S55) (back to back on track)
I have never owned (or driven for that matter) a Porsche
This will NOT be a DD. I only drive the car on week-ends in non-winter months (Apr to Oct) with rarely a passenger and no kids so no need of a rear seat. The car is for ME.
I go to the track 1-2 times per year if my schedule permits
Go Porsche- the new GT4 will have the N/A engine and finally make the Cayman a decent car again. Discontinuing the flat 6 on the 718 gen was such a mistake. As we go towards electric- we want the best of the best engines and that 4 on the 718 base cars just isn't great.