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Originally Posted by F87_LCI View Post
Well it would seem from your profile that you have a 718 you could have provided some feedback on your experience driving that as I assume there would be some similarities...apart from the engine of course... or you could have provided some other constructive input/insight on things you may have read or seen online...but in the end you chose to go another way.

Your comments haven't provided anyone here with anything of value. I suppose that is "what you are missing".
Why donít YOU drive a 981 GT4 and M2C and make your own decision? Neither will be significantly different than the 718 GT4 and M2CS, respectively.

I have zero idea how anyone is looking to purchase a vehicle in the $100K bracket and driven neither? It truly sounds like the only thing that is important to you is the opinion of others. Really poor decision making process.

You can throw it back into my lap as being curt, but I am not sure how else to respond to the circumstance you present?

I extensively tested the 981 CGTS, 981 GT4, 718 CGTS, M2C and M4. One brand stood out as superior, and one model within that brand stood out as best serving my personal interests . . . and I now own it.

By no means is this meant to suggest the M2C and M4 are not great in their own rights. . . in fact, I am about to pull trigger on ownership of one of them as well. Vastly different cars intended for different purpose.

I have absolutely no interest in even considering the M2CS over any of the above models. The best version of the M2CS has already been released. . . when BMW released the M2C.