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I believe that most are suggesting the GT4 because it's a change of pace and not so much that it is superior. The current GT4 is not the one I'd be after as I keep seeing hints of the GT4 with the 4.0.

I like quick acceleration, but question how necessary 0-60 times below 5s are for a driver's car. I've launched my car full tilt twice. I never find myself, in the real world, needing to accelerate as quickly as is possible (3.5s).

I agree with the person that mentioned there will always be more possibilities to jump in a GT4, and not so much with the CS. A solid game plan would be to pick up the CS, drive it for a couple of years, and then jump into a used 718 GT4 for a discount. With GT4 production being less constrained the prices might fall a little more for this version.