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Originally Posted by DanG View Post
I would get the M2CS. 80 more horsepower will make the car handle completely different than your M2. Plus the car is going to be quite rare. I see porches every day but almost never see an M2.
My current M2 LCI is quite heavily modded and has 430hp, so 444hp of the M2 CS would only be a small bump. That said, the GT4 is rated at 414hp. GT4 is also a limited run production, although not as limited as the purported 2200 units of the M2 CS.

Originally Posted by medphysdave View Post
Are you keeping current M2?
No. I wouldn’t keep the M2 as I have a DD as well. Only need one “toy”. If the CS was ultimately chosen, I would have many parts I could transfer over to the CS from the OG M2, but also many I would need to part out.

Originally Posted by chief1richard View Post
I would opt for a 2015-2106 GT4 to bring it closer closer to price of M2C. Thjere are plenty of them out there that apparently only sit in peoples garages for an occasional Sunday drive.
I looked into these, but to be honest, the prices have actually increased from original MSRP and are in the range of CAD $125K for a “lightly used” 2016 981 GT4. As such, CAD $140K for a new one seems reasonable.