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Originally Posted by F87_LCI View Post
I woke up this morning to a call from my local BMW dealer to find out that I have been awarded an allocation for the upcoming M2 CS after having placed a deposit and put my name on one of the (in)famous "lists" that dealers have for these low allocation vehicles more than a year ago. Great news, right? Except that since I have been waiting for over a year for this phone call, I got bored. Don't you hate that? So one day, I stopped into my local P Dealer and got to chatting. Was told that although unlikely, I could put my name on their "list" for a new 718 GT4 allocation. Two months ago, I got the call to come in and fill in my order sheet. So now I find myself in the unlikely position (or so I was led to believe by both dealers) of having an allocation for BOTH cars. It is not lost on me that the cars are quite a ways apart on price with the Porsche costing almost 50% more than the BMW, but I would look at value for $ rather than the actual cost as a deciding factor.

What to do? Interested in hearing some thoughts for you guys/gals. I would prefer to read opinions that have a strong base of facts to support as I am a logical thinker and try to keep the emotional quotient to a minimum, but there is a place for passion when it comes to cars, so this can be helpful as well.

I have added a poll as well for those who just want to give quick feedback.

Some add'l info:

6MT CS would cost about CAD $99K as spec'd.
6MT GT4 would cost CAD $140K as spec'd (those folks at Porsche really like to nickel and dime a guy!).
I currently own a heavily modified 6MT 2018 M2 (N55) and have been able to drive a DCT M2C (S55) (back to back on track)
I have never owned (or driven for that matter) a Porsche
This will NOT be a DD. I only drive the car on week-ends in non-winter months (Apr to Oct) with rarely a passenger and no kids so no need of a rear seat. The car is for ME.
I go to the track 1-2 times per year if my schedule permits
Good sir, go get yourself the GT4! You already got an M2!

When you look at the literature on "subjective well-being" (happiness research), invariably it is shown that the more varied your experiences, the more memorable they are, and the greater utility (happiness) you will get out of them.

So, if you have the option of going to your usual vacation destination of Fort Lauderdale, where every year you comfortably spend the time doing bird watching and eating every yummy meal at Tad's Steaks, OR going to Costa Rica and doing uncomfortable stuff like sky diving and zip lining and snorkeling and eating from road side carts that are 50% likely to be the most delicious food you've ever eaten or give you dysentery, happiness research says you are better served going with the latter.

You already have an M2. Therefore moving up to a CS will only be marginally different. It's sort of like going to Fort Lauderdale and being wild and crazy because this time you go to Pete's Steaks instead of Tad's Steaks. The GT4 is entirely different. It's going to Costa Rica.

If you already had a Cayman, the advice would be to go with the M2CS