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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
Nobody is trying to pay $75k for a base E-tron when a similar looking and similar sized Q5 sitting next to it is $40k cheaper. The larger and more luxurious Q7 is $20k cheaper.
That's 100% intentional.
They don't want to sell an electric car but they have to, and their philosophy is -if you want it you want it - and are willing to pay a lot more for it.
They do the same for custom colors, etc.

(I had family go look at the plug in 5 series, and no joke, the salespeople are telling him not to bother if they are looking for an electric as it only gets 20 miles range, as if that's a bad thing! His commute is only 10 miles and he'd never use gas and save a fortune over a tesla (lease to lease), plus be able to refill in a pinch anywhere).