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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
A new motor for the i3 is $3000-- with lifetime warranty, if you get it from FCP. Given that it only has one moving part, though, pretty unlikely to fail-- I haven't seen any examples.

Undamaged battery backs can be had used for $3000-4000, from low mileage crashed cars. That said, Samsung (makes the battery pack) says that, with average use, the battery should be good for 526,000 miles. Should be sufficient.

Other than that... there's not really any mechanical components to fail. No trans, no diff, no turbos, no belts, no exhaust, none of the endless ICE sensors, etc.

Should be a LOT cheaper out of warranty. Said as someone who currently owns a nearly 200,000 mile M5, a nearly 200,000 mile M3, and a 160,000 mile M3 with 20,000+ track miles on it-- one of which was owned from new (aka, I'm familiar with owning ICE BMWs out of warranty).
Yes. There is a rumor the Samsung battery pack is unofficially good for 20 years, the 1st Gen from 2014. So it should already be better with actual Gen. However, my own five year old packs of i3 and i8 show not the slightest weakness.

And yes, maintenance cost and energy costs are so much better.
I've already saved thousands of $ compared to the former 5 and X5.