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OK so I finally tuned my car to the ACN 91 stage 1 after realizing I already have the latest version even tho it says BETA. The technical support from bm3 mislead me to some wrong info about ACN tune and that there was an update.

Anyways what I realized is the car feels more smooth and more calm...almost like OEM like feel. When I was stock and tuned to stage 1 I do realize the power gains but one thing it also made me realize was how nice stock tune was and how the car with the ACN tune the car feels like that again...

It's safe to say the stage 1 tune felt slightly rough and I'm glad the motor is more happier now with the proper ACN tune. I tried datalogging the stage 1 tune but it wasn't able to save but I'll try to datalog once I figure out how to do.

nioh_lbbm2 which FMIC did you install? I have the VRSF 5in along with the fabspeed 200 cell so I'm technically Stage 2 ready but I'm gonna enjoy Stage 1 for now. Looking forward to feeling the power difference eventually.