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That's all wishful thinking and the usual marketing blabla.

New 2021 EU 95g CO2 restrictions will set a red line and that's the end for big engines above 4 cyl. And for sure they will not make a special series for the US
In my country BMW, MB and Audi already failed with the actual 136g limits (overall count) and due to that have to pay Millions of penalties!!
The truth is, they have no idea, lost the leadership they had with the i-Brand and are now struggeling instead to choose a clear direction.

With the i8 they could back then call a clear strategy: efficient dynamics. A car that outperforms 911 and M3 not only in style and only consumes 4-5L/100km.

Now it's only fancy concept design, visual digital bling bling and a mysterious drive train nobody must know. Weak!