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If the cybertruck deposit were $1000 there might be 25% of what "pre orders" they got. I can't believe people aren't seeing that for what it is, a PR stunt. The goofballs trying to justify Tesla sales numbers fail to mention their majority sales are model 3's which JUST fall in line with bottom of the barrel 2 series. I'm sure Honda sold some civics and accords you'd be interested in :
Funny as all the car firms put it inline with the BMW 3 Series.

But if you want to compare it to BMW 2 Series, no problem, as the 2 Series only sold 5k cars YTD through September giving the Tesla 3 over a 10:1 lead instead of 6.5:1.

And if you want to say BMW 2 Series with an average profit of $5000 per vehicle, that's $25,000,000 in Sales Profit of BMW 2 Series this year. 250,000 deposits of $100 = $25,000,000 as well.

Winner clearly is Tesla.

As for ricers, they have moved to used BMW 1/2/3/4 Series this Decade.
Sure he 3 is a better comparo, but you really cant compare model 3 to an ICE engine model from one manufacturer because the model 3 is really the only electric car in the segment that is also fun to drive and sexy, tesla has really capitalized on that market. But it is part due to pent up demand and being the only good offering. tesla and especially the model 3 are not profitable so I dont think the other automakers are that excited to get into the race. Even the bmw i4 will probably at first be higher end like the model S (or at least with options) to recoup the large up-front R&D. Honestly I think Tesla has more to be afraid of as other established players come to compete with the model S and roadster as thats where the money is. Moreso than the established players are afraid that model 3 sales steal 3 series sales.