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Since you mentioned that you liked the X4, I'll offer my thoughts on that one first. From a driver performance standpoint, there were a lot of body/performance/style changes made to the X4 in 2019 that really made a difference for me. I'd only consider the X4 if you can snag a 2019, especially the M40i variant.

From a pure practical standpoint, (best "bang for the buck") I would offer that the 2018/2019 X3's would be your best bet. This same build style is what was used for the 2019 X4's and is fun to drive and will give you a bit more storage space than the X4 if that's a consideration.

Either one would be a great choice, with the nod to the X4 M40i (or M version) if you lean towards performance. Yes, the X4 WILL handle differently/better than the X3 by a margin, even though they share mostly the same chassis. I notice a bit less body roll and more stability than in an X3.

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