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Originally Posted by paliknight View Post
Whoever buys this car thinking it's the next 1M will get hosed. Sure the M2 is more exclusive than the M3, and depreciates less, but that's only because it's cheaper, or was in this case. I really like the CS here and think it looks great, but almost 85K BASE translates to 100K+ territory after tax, fees and options.

Keep in mind the exclusivity will be between you, a couple of other random guys that actually know what it is, and this forum. To everyone else you'll look like a wannabe racer (unjustified, but, people are ignorant) that overpaid for a two series.

If this is your cup of tea, by all means go for it. It's an amazing looking car with tasteful mods. But do not think that it won't depreciate like any other M2.

I would personally check out a 991 GTS CPO in this price range, but to each their own.
How will everyone know that you overpaid for it if only a select few will be familiar with what the car is, and the exclusivity associated with it?