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Originally Posted by Anthony1s View Post
We were speaking about this in another thread. It's 5000psi. Compared to xdi-35 which is 2900psi, and xdi-60 which is 3500psi. So that's A LOT of fuel!

Still don't know what's involved in the install. How much modification for it to work? What needs to be coded? How well do the injectors handle it? What is the part number? What does it cost? etc... Someone also theorized that it may be the same as the s58 x3m pump, but no one knows for sure.

Part number

Originally Posted by Endeav View Post
The one thing that concerns me, and maybe I'm overlooking something here is the pressure the pump is supplying to the fuel rail / injectors. I know this can be set differently in the tune, so maybe it's a moot point but 5000 PSI seems like quite a huge jump in pressure for the OEM rail and injectors.

I distinctly remember that there was a post by XDI at some point stating that in their research they found that the OEM injectors didn't tolerate greater than a certain pressure for an extended period of time. Unfortunately I can't find that post, nor do I recall the number stated... Maybe someone remembers and can dig that info up!
F80 & f82 have same injectors with 2 fuel pumps.
high pressure is not a problem for injectors.