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Thank you so much!

Originally Posted by ///Monika View Post
I have great news. My husbands brother stopped by this morning and brought his Megohmmeter (??) to check all the electrical connections (VDC). So here are the fuse locations that were checked.

F137 (G): Indicated 15-16 VDC.
F145 (R): Indicated 0

He pulled the red wire (F145) and the blue 15amp fuse. Reseated the fuse and the wire. The clip end actually looks like a small scissor clamp. He used the probe end and pressed the connector all the way until it was "fully" seated. He said it has to really be seated well so either use a slim probe or a small rigid wire to fully seat it. We did notice when he did this that you could hear the actuators click. He then re-checked the voltage (DC).

F137 (G): Indicated 15 VDC.
F145 (R): Indicated 15 VDC.

He mentioned that there is a 'reset' or 'learn' button just left of the LED on the module (good to know). We took the controller and gave it two quick presses and sure enough the valves opened up and the module LED was blinking (as well as the controller). SO awesome !

I'll post some pics when I get a chance. Just so excited we could get this fixed. My husband will be SO happy when he gets back. Big thanks to Dirtboy for confirming the LED and suggesting that all the wires be checked.

Many thanks,

Monika and Dirtboy,

Thanks so much for the pics and process of how to pair the BMW M2 performance exhaust. I was at a complete loss, as was my dealer.

When I checked the controller in the trunk I found that the "blue" fuse was out and not connected. I simply pushed the fuse down and my system immediately.

It great to have forums like this to help!